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New Year, New Game

> Supporting businesses (check out the Entrepreneur Support Program we just dropped today at

> Building community

> Irrationally giving more free stuff!

I don’t subscribe to the theory that most law business is built on. That is, that we are at the gate keepers, and you have to pay an admission fee just because I know stuff you don’t know. In this day, most of the information you’re looking for is available. Lawyers cannot continue to pretend to be the gatekeepers to all the legal knowledge in the universe. So, we are not going to do it. We want to add a real value to what your building and become your trusted advisor. We want to be at the table with your executive team making your dream happen. And to do that for throwing out all the old scripts and I’m going back to the drawing board.

To make this work it is CRUCIAL that you engage and send us your feedback. We want to know what’s working, we want to know it’s not working, we want to know what you want to know. As much as you want me to dive into topics or into process, I will work harder than anyone else making that happen for you.

This really goes to my central goal of building communities. This vision directs what projects we take on. For instance, we’re not going to be the “back of the phone book“ criminal defense lawyers, but we will aggressively seek to help college students get through the criminal process and get back on track. This builds community because we need these folks to succeed, continue on the path, and contribute back to the community. Bogging them down with criminal records for dumb mistakes won’t help us. Making sure they learn the hard lessons, and get back on track to contributing to society will help us.

To make all of this possible, I’m going to push myself to give more and more. I’m going to continue in my roles on the boards of directors of the United Way of Payne County, Stillwater Frontier Rotary, and Will Rogers Elementary PTA, and will be joining the boards of Young Professionals of Stillwater and the Downtown Stillwater Association. Additionally I’m going to come to you. I’ll be hosting office hours on campus to answer students questions about criminal law, starting businesses, and starting nonprofits. I’ll be spending time at co-working centers like Workit Coworking Center, The business incubator at Meridian Technology Center, and the Riata center to be a resource and a partner to the entrepreneurs who are doing mind blowing things in our community. And through all of this, I want to curate and create free content that helps you in your journey. So please, please, please, feel free and encouraged and obliged to send me the questions you have and the struggles you’re facing, and let’s do this thing.

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