What is the standard to terminate a guardianship in Oklahoma?

Memorandum | February 4, 2019 | Download PDF The following are excerpts from cases pulled by the Ross Intelligence research tool using the exact question posed in the article title. Learn more about Ross Intelligence in our earlier post. Excerpted Results from Ross Intelligence (“Deep Matches”) In re Guardianship of C.D.A., 2009 OK 47, 212 P.3d 1207 ¶ 7 Pursuant to section 4-804 of title 30 of the Oklahoma Statutes, a temporary guardianship may be terminated when it is no longer necessary. It is deemed "no longer necessary" when the impediment to the natural parent's custody has been removed, unless to do so would be inimical to the welfare of the child. In re Guardianship of Hatfield, 1972

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