The Future of Legal Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the use of machine learning to allow computers to analyze data, learn patterns, and produce insights from the data. Artificial intelligence applications for legal services include review of documents, conducting legal research, performing due diligence, contract management, and even predicting legal outcomes.[i] A few applications of legal AI are already commercially available, and the field is growing. The bulk of this article is focused on ROSS Intelligence, Inc., whose legal research platform will transform how lawyers work very soon. ROSS Intelligence, Inc. ROSS is a legal research platform powered by artificial intelligence for U.S. law.[ii] It uses its AI sys

Starting a Business in Oklahoma Part 4: What is an operating agreement?

Limited liability companies are popular for new businesses because they can provide its members protections from liability similar to the protections of a corporation while maintaining the authority of a partnership. If you have filed articles of organization for an Oklahoma limited liability company, the next step is to consider an operating agreement. An operating agreement can be made before or after filing the articles of organization with the state. The articles of organization create your business and include the LLCs name, address, primary email, name and address of registered agent, and term of existence. The operating agreement is not filed with the state and is not required for sta

Legal Voice Tech

Voice-first tech is the future. If you haven’t been paying attention, voice-first technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have grown exponentially in the past few years.[i] The major player, Amazon’s Echo series, launched in 2014. Since that time, other players have joined the ranks of smart speakers, including Google Home and Apple HomePod. These technologies differ from Apple’s Siri because they are “voice-first.” Apple’s Siri uses voice to simplify tasks on Apple’s other apps. Voice first technologies provide content or complete tasks, many times with voice alone. To date, smart speakers reach over 57 million Americans, with increasing business applications. This technology is quickl

Starting a Business in Oklahoma Part 3: How to register your business.

You’ve picked out and registered the name. You know what structure you want it to take. It’s time to register your business. If you have a corporation, a limited liability company, a limited liability partnership, or a limited partnership, your business must be filed with the Secretary of State. Unlike sole proprietorships or general partnerships, these structures give varying levels of protection from personal liability and have more stringent filing requirements with the state. Once you submit the necessary forms and fees for the structure you are filing, the Secretary of State’s office will issue a certificate that the filing has been accepted. If the business is not organized correctly i

Starting a Business in Oklahoma Part 2: Which legal structure is best for you and your business?

After you’ve finalized a name for your new business, it’s time to tackle the task of how to structure the business. The Oklahoma Secretary of State website ( provides resources to better understand the different structures and how to file each, but let’s break them down so you’re better prepared for what you will see. Oklahoma lets you structure your business in one of six different ways. Foremost, there is the sole proprietorship. Sole proprietorships make up the majority of businesses in the country because they are the simplest to form and easiest to operate. A sole proprietorship has only one owner, and that owner has complete managerial control as well as complete persona

Why Did I Settle?

Buyer's remorse at the end of a long-fought injury case should signal that we need a new approach. Flip the tables, and attack the probl

Starting a Business in Oklahoma Part 1: How should I name my business?

​Choosing a name for your business entity is an exciting first step. It lets you visualize your letterheads, advertisements, and how the phone will be answered when clients call. To prevent any delays or disappointments, we will review the basics what should be considered when making this decision. Registration of the name is not required in Oklahoma, but is encouraged as it will protect its use in the state ​First, if your business is going to be set up as a limited liability company, your name needs to reflect that structure. That means “limited liability company”, “limited company”, “LLC”, “LC”, “L.L.C.”, or “L.C.” must be included in the name. “Limited” may be abbreviated to “LTD” and

No Will? Here's what happens.

What happens if you die without a will? Dying without a will means that your death is “intestate.” The laws of intestate succession forfeit estate decisions to the courts while they control your assets and distribute them as they see fit. In Oklahoma, the laws of succession allow for real and personal property to be passed to the heirs of the intestate. The property is held in the possession and control of the district court while the court administers the property to the correct parties. In Oklahoma, the state only obtains your property through intestate succession if you have no family at all. As long as you have relatives, even if they are only half-relatives, your relatives will inherit

New Year, New Game

> Supporting businesses (check out the Entrepreneur Support Program we just dropped today at > Building community > Irrationally giving more free stuff! I don’t subscribe to the theory that most law business is built on. That is, that we are at the gate keepers, and you have to pay an admission fee just because I know stuff you don’t know. In this day, most of the information you’re looking for is available. Lawyers cannot continue to pretend to be the gatekeepers to all the legal knowledge in the universe. So, we are not going to do it. We want to add a real value to what your building and become your trusted advisor. We want to be at the table with your executive team mak

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